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City of Thieves – Collector’s Edition

The Games Collector brings Ian Livingstone’s ‘City of Thieves’ Fighting Fantasy book vividly to life in this sumptuously presented limited edition hardback. Experience the adventure as it leaps off the page, thanks to the hand-crafted interactive features in this special edition of a gamebook classic.



This limited hardback edition of ‘City of Thieves’ from The Games Collector will become a treasured and much sought-after addition to the world of Fighting Fantasy. It adds a new dimension to the Fighting Fantasy experience with the inclusion of interactive cardboard components. Decide your next action by opening envelopes or lifting flaps to uncover jewels, gold and other treasures needed to complete the adventure and defeat the villainous Zanbar Bone.

What is this new Limited Edition?

The original ‘City of Thieves’ gamebook was published in 1983 as a standard paperback with black & white interior illustrations. This new limited never-to-be-repeated edition from The Games Collector is presented in a larger, hardback format for the first time, and is full-colour, featuring entirely new illustrations. Also, for the first time in a Fighting Fantasy book, it includes physical envelopes and flaps to open, revealing the items, maps and letters you need to discover as you explore Port Blacksand. This offering comes with the full endorsement of Ian Livingstone.




Bound and printed to the highest quality by a long-established and highly reputable UK firm, each Games Collector Edition book is hand-crafted. The pages are hand-stitched together rather than glued, allowing the opened book to lie flat without needing to be held. The additional items are individually fixed to the inside pages.



The prototype for this edition was created and illustrated by the Brazilian artist and designer Daielyn Cris Bertelli. Using her design for this limited edition, City of Thieves has never looked so good, and is available in two languages – English and Portuguese.”


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We will be revealing more over the coming months including some exquisite, never-seen-before limited edition books, covering a wide range of subjects to delight and amaze book lovers and collectors alike! These unique high quality books are only available from us here at The Games Collector!